Timber Trellis

We proudly supply treated pine trellis that is locally made in Pakenham using Australian treated pine, manufactured by Lattrel Timber Products. Trellis, or lattice, is a cost effective way to creative privacy screens or fence extensions along fence lines. Often the square and diagonal panels can be utilised in the garden as climbing structures for plants. We hold stock of popular sizes of panels however we can order in specific sizes if need be. 


Square Trellis

We stock Treated Pine Trellis – also known as Lattice – in the 60mm Square panels which have a 40% blockout capacity. 

Panel Sizes: 1800mmx600mm, 1800mmx900mm, 1800mmx1200mm

2400mmx600mm, 2400mmx900mm, 2400mmx1200mm, 2400mmx1500mm

2700mmx600mm, 2700mmx900mm, 2700mmx1200mm

3000mmx600mm, 3000mmx900mm, 2700mmx1200mm, 2700mmx1500mm

Woven Panels

Treated Pine Woven Fence Extension Panels are perfect to increase privacy along the height of your fence line. Available in 2400mmx600mm. Other sizes can be ordered in. Please check the Lattrel website for specifications. 

Diamond Trellis

Treated Pine Diamond or diagonal oriented Trellis is available for special order. Feel free to contact us to get a quote or place an order.