Timber Flooring

Solid Timber Flooring - Softwoods

Radiata Pine Solid Timber Flooring

Radiata Pine Flooring

Radiata Pine Flooring is a pale yellow, fine textured softwood which may have some knots throughout. It is a species commonly grown in plantations in Australia. 

As far as timber flooring goes, it is cost effective and easy to work with, which makes it an accessible way to achieve solid timber flooring in any home or space.

Sizes Available: 140x19mm

Baltic Pine Solid Timber Flooring

Baltic Pine Flooring

Baltic Pine Flooring is a European species of pine which showcases creamy white tones. There are smaller knots throughout compared to Radiata Pine. Being a fine textured softwood, it is easy to work with. 

Sizes Available: 160x22mm

Solid Timber Flooring - Hardwoods

KD Tasmanian Oak Solid Timber Flooring

KD Hardwood Flooring

KD or Kiln-Dried Hardwood is often a mixture of Tasmanian Oak and Victorian Ash (until cessation of native Vic forestry Jan 1st 2024).

These timber species have blonde to pale pink tones that are remarked for staining up well. KD Flooring is durable and well suited as an interior flooring product. 

Grades Available: Standard/Classic, Primed

Sizes Available: 85x19mm, 108x19mm, 130x19mm

Spotted Gum Flooring

Spotted Gum Flooring is a sought after Australian Hardwood Flooring. The grain has colour variations from light browns to dark reds and has the occasional wave. The species grows on the East Coast of Australia, from Northeast Victoria to the Northern Tablelands of Queensland and is BAL rated for bushfire resistance.

With its high density, it is durable hardwood option for flooring. 

Grades Available: Standard

Sizes Available: 80x19mm, 130x19mm

Wormy Chestnut Solid Timber Flooring

Wormy Chestnut Flooring

Wormy Chestnut is an Australian Hardwood with deep red gum veins and is characterised by squiggly worm marks. 

It is durable and dense, making it a quality option for flooring. 

Grades Available: Standard, Feature Overlay

Sizes Available: 85x14mm, 130x14mm, 85x19mm, 130x19mm

Australian Chestnut Solid Timber Flooring

Australian Chestnut Flooring

Ranging in colouration from light browns to dark chocolates, Australian Chestnut Flooring is BAL rated for bushfire zones. 

It has a more consistent grain and textural appearance compared to the Wormy Chestnut variety.

Grades Available: Standard

Sizes Available: 85x19mm, 130x19mm

Jarrah Flooring

Known for its deep red and rich brown tones, Jarrah is a strong and hardy Western Australian species that is remarked for its durability.

It has a relatively straight grain and is bushfire resistant with the correct application/installation.

Grades Available: Standard

Sizes Available: 80x19mm


Merbau Solid Timber Flooring

Merbau Flooring

Originating from South East Asia, Merbau is a deep toned hardwood with a multitude of uses due to its durability and low shrinkage. This makes it easy to work with. 

We only stock certified Merbau that comes from legally harvested forests. 

Sizes available: 80x19mm