Earthwool Insulation is sustainably made from up to 80% glass recycled glass. It is non-combustible, soft to handle and provides exceptional thermal and acoustic performance. Coming with a 50 year warranty, Earthwool is a quality high performing insulation. Check their website for calculators, DIY videos and other helpful tips.


Earthwool Insulation Ceiling Batts are available in 430 and 580mm widths

R-Values to choose from include R-3.5, R-4.0, R-5.0 and R-6.0


Earthwool Insulation Wall Batts are available in 430mm and 580mm widths.

R-Values to choose from include R-2.0, and Sound Shield R-2.5 and R-2.7


Foilboard Rigid Insulation is made from fire retardant expanded polystyrene and laminated each side with aluminum foil. With amazing thermal qualities, Foilboard creates a non-permeable moisture barrier with excellant thermal qualities. Checkout their website for more information on the product range and installation guides.

Foilboard Green

Foilboard Rigid Insulation is available in 2400x1200mm and 2700x1200mm panels. 

Thicknesses we stock vary from 10mm, 20mm and 25mm.

Other thicknesses are available by special order. Check the website for the full guide.

Foilboard Tape

Green PVC Joining Tape 48mmx66m Roll for general use. Withstands high temperatures.

Silver Joining Tape 50mmx50m Roll – to be used when the reflective side of the panel is shown. Withstands high temperatures.

Foilboard Fasteners

Foilboard fasteners and plates come in packs of 250 and are used to fasten the Foilboard to timber. The plate design distributes the load, reducing potential of damage due to high winds during construction.

Sancell Underfloor Insualtion

Suitable for use under floors with a sealed air space between flooring and enclosed sub-floor space. The 500mm width rolls allow for easy installation between joists and are particularly suited to retro-fit applications. This reduces drafts through strip flooring and boasts drainage valve technology which allows moisture to escape.

Sisalation and Wraps

We stock the Battmans Insulation Weatherproof Wrap range. There are a couple of options on offer to help add a barrier against radiant heat in your structure.

Battmans Weatherproof Wall Wrap

Battmans Weatherproof Wall Wrap – Heavy Duty- Breather

This is the “breather” option in the wall wrap range and comes with a low vapour barrier. Available in 1350mmx30m rolls

Battmans Weatherproof Wall Wrap & Roof Sarking

Battmans Weatherproof Wall Wrap & Sarking – Heavy Duty

Contains a high vapour and water barrier, and has a reflective surface to combat radiant heat. Available in 1350mmx60m rolls.


Hardie Fire Insulation

Hardie Fire Insulation is made from mineral wool fibres and is designed to withstand fire scenarios. It is mostly used in conjuction with HardieSmart wall systems.

Available in sizes:




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